You can enter income or expense amounts manually, and some income amounts will be entered automatically for you (such as revenue from ticket sales that happen through Grenadine).


The Income and Expenses Table allows you to view all automatically generated incomes and expenses (such as revenue from ticket sales which appear automatically when sold through Grenadine). This easy to manage table also allows you to manually enter other revenue in a few easy steps.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Finance -> Income and Expenses
  1. Account/Category: The account from which this money is coming from/going into or the category under which the expense or income falls. For example “Food, Booth Rental, Ticket Sales, Speaker Fees, etc.”
  2. Vendor/Description: The name of the vendor providing the service (eg. Sal’s AV Rentals) or a description of the expense (eg. Microphone rentals).
  3. Income: The amount of income (is applicable) coming from this item.
  4. Expense: The expense (if applicable) to your event for this item.
  5. Due By: When the amount is due to be paid.
  6. Linked To: The individual or vendor linked to this income or expense. For example, if the expense is owed to “Sal’s AV Rentals” it will be shown as such here. 7. ** Save Changes:** Click this button to save your changes.

Process Overview

  1. Add: To log either an income or expense, click .
  2. Edit: If you need to make changes to an income or expense select the one you need to edit then select .
  3. Delete: If an error has been made and an income or expense needs to be deleted select .
  4. Total income: The total income (so far) for your event presented in the currency you have chosen for your event.
  5. Total expenses: The total expenses (so far) for your event presented in the currency you have chosen for your event.
  6. Notes: Add any relevant/necessary notes about this income or expense here.
  7. Docs: Add any relevant/necessary documents about this income or expense here.

Adding Income or Expense

To add an income or an expense select and the window below will appear.

  1. Amount: The amount of the income/expense.
  2. Currency: The currency of the income/expense.
  3. Exchange Rate: If the currency is different from your local currency you can enter that here
  4. Account/Category: Where the money from this income/expense is going to/ coming from.
  5. Vendor or Description: Enter the vendor name (eg. Sal’s AV Rentals) or the description (eg. Microphone rentals).
  6. Due By: The date the payment is due.

Adding Notes

After clicking the following window will appear. Here you can, , , or notes.

When you need to add notes click the window shown below will appear.

  1. Note Name: In this required field write the name of the note, be descriptive and concise to save from confusion. For example, if this was an expense associated with a rental you could name it “Microphone Rental”.
  2. Note Contents: The note itself, to continue the example above the note could read “$100 spent on microphone rental deposit. Due March 12, 2019.”
  3. Categories: Select one or more categories to label this expense.

Once the note has been created it will appear as such:

Adding Docs

To add any relevant documents for individual income or expenses, select highlighted above. The screen pictured below will appear. Select

From here the following screen will below, allowing you to upload documents with ease.

  1. File: Select the file from your computer or device, which you would like to upload here.
  2. Name: Give the file a name that succinctly describes its contents.
  3. Categories: If needed you can put this document into a category, such as “Av equipment” or “food”.
  4. This Document is Private: To keep the document private to you and your team select this box.
  5. Save Changes: Remember to always save your changes.