You can use promo codes to restrict who can see what kind of registration type (or ticket type.)


Promo Codes can be used in Grenadine to allow specific users (those who have been given the promo code) to view ticket types that are not visible or available to the general public. These can include but are not limited to, add-on tickets for spouses, tickets for specific sessions, etc. Please note that “promo codes” in grenadine cannot be used to offer a discount. To create a discounted ticket (student, early bird, etc.) you need to create a discounted ticket type. To create a promo code you must first create the “ticket type” it will be attached to

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Registration -> Promo Code(s)

To add a new Promo Code simply click the +Add button. And follow the following steps.

1. Name The name of this promo code. Users will be able to see this name but this name is not the actual promo code.

2. Promo Code The promo code users will need to enter to gain access to the ticket type under this promo code. Remember to keep it unique and something that will not be easily guessed by people who should not have access to this promo code.

3. Available From The date the promo code and the tickets accessible through it will be available.

4. Available Until The date promo codes will no longer be valid to users.

5. No. Available The number of tickets available under this promo code.

6. Ticket Types The ticket type associated with this promo code. Remember the ticket type must be set up before the promo code.

Edit a Promo Code

To edit a promo code, click the button. The window below will appear allowing you to edit any field. Remember to click after making edits. Changes will be automatically updated.

If you have created a promo code accidentally you can delete it here. Please Note You cannot delete a promo code that has been used. All deletions are permanent.