You can find many features in the Global Settings section of Grenadine Event Manager, here is an overview of some of the features that are not defined elsewhere in the documentation.


Grenadine’s Global Settings allow you to configure your event, and Grenadine to meet your needs. Below is a quick overview of the initial steps you should take in the Global Settings area of Grenadine Event Manager.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings-> Global Settings


Creating Users

Grenadine Event Manager allows you create users and assign them roles to allow them to help with specific tasks.

Creating Users Navigation Paths

Grenadine Event Manager > Settings > Global Settings > Users

  1. User Login The username or e-mail address needed by this individual to login
  2. Email The user’s email address log in
  3. User Password The users’ password
  4. Re-Enter User Password To ensure the password has been entered correctly, please type it again.
  5. Roles The user roles (outlined below) will allow users of Grenadine Event Manager different capabilities depending on the role or roles they are assigned. See more information about Roles below.

Add User Roles

You can choose from the following roles:


  • A viewer can view the information in the system but can not execute any actions such as changing things, moving items in the schedule, sending emails, etc.


same as Viewer, and can also manage:

  • Addresses (postal, email, phone)
  • Biographies
  • Formats
  • Invitation Categories
  • Items
  • Pending People Import
  • People
  • Registration Details
  • Roles
  • Rooms
  • Surveys Review
  • Tag Contexts
  • Tags
  • Venues
  • Survey Reports
  • Planner Reports
  • Availabilities (and available dates)
  • Excluded Items
  • Equipment Types & Needs
  • Publish the programme
  • Query the Survey
  • Survey Reports

Super Planner

Same as Planner

  • Create and Manage Surveys
  • Drop and Add from Items


  • Can do everything in the system, including
  • Setting payment account information

Item Editor

  • An Item editor


  • Check-in users are able to check people into the event but have no other privileges.

API User