Fine tune your event website in the website section of Global Settings


In this section of Global Settings, you can configure details for your website homepage, sessions, and default attendee display and privacy preferences.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Website

The Website section of Global Settings is divided into 3 categories: -Website Homepage -Sessions

  • Default attendee display and privacy preferences

Website Homepage

Use this section to choose the sessions you would like to appear on the homepage of your event website. Event description text If you would like an event description to appear, make sure the box next to Event description text is checked. This will ensure that the text entered in the “description” section when you created the event will appear. Countdown clock This enables a countdown clock that will show the days, hours, and minutes until your event. Finally, to enable a map with pins showing venues select this box.


  1. Allow users to view and post comments on sessions. This is a great way to get detailed feedback about sessions.
  2. Allow users to provide a feedback rating. Enabling this will allow users to leave a thumbs up or thumbs down on sessions they have attended, thus providing instant, easy to understand feedback.
  3. Allow users to send short text feedback about the sessions to the organizer. These messages will not be visible to the public and are sent exclusively to the event organizer. 4. Allow users to “favorite” a session, thus, giving them the power to create personalized schedules, and follow upcoming sessions they are interested in.
  4. Allow users to signup for sessions that have limited capacity and require ticketless signup.
  5. Display the remaining capacity (number of places) for each session. This applies to sessions that require either signup (ticketless registration) or a purchased ticket.
  6. Displaying the remaining capacity will drive a sense of urgency to attendees.
  7. Display the list of attendees for each session. In respect to privacy rules, this option only displays the profiles of attendees who have chosen to share the information on their event profile publicly.
  8. Allow users to share session links on social media. Enabling this feature will generate a “share this” button on each item detail page.

Default attendee display and privacy preferences

Here you can customize the setting to control the default display and privacy attributes for your event attendees.

  1. Display the Attendees Section: If you do not wish to display any information about attendees deselect this box. Deselecting this box for your event website will automatically deselect it for your mobile app, meaning attendee information will not publicly appear anywhere in relation to your event. Deselecting the “Display Attendee” option will automatically make the options below irrelevant.
  2. Set default person profile as public: This automatically sets all profiles to “public” meaning attendees will have to set their profile to private themselves if they wish to do so.
  3. Show Session Participation: If checked the attendee will, by default, is shown the attendance list of the sessions they will be attending.
  4. Show bio and social media links: If checked attendees bios and social media links will be shown by default. Those who do not wish to share this information will have to disable this upon registration.