To create, edit and delete venues and rooms in the global setting section of Grenadine Event Manager follow the steps below.


Grenadine allows you to organize and manage rooms with ease by following the straight forward steps in the creating a venue doc. Venues and rooms can also be managed and created in the Global Settings section of Grenadine Event Manager. Continue reading below to learn how to create, edit, and delete venues and rooms in Global Settings.

Grenadine Event Manager ->Settings-> Global Settings->Venues

  1. : Create a venue by clicking the and filling in the information outline below:

  • Venue Name: The name at the venue where the event will be held. For example “Big City Convention Center”, or “Intercontinental Hotel”. Please note: the changes made here are reflected in each event you have planned or are planning with Grenadine. If a venue name is changed here the changes will be reflected in every event which uses that venue.
  • Address: The physical address of the event location. This address will be used to show the venue on a map and direct your guests using their navigation apps.
  1. : If you need to edit any of the information above select the venue that needs editing (once it has bee selected it will turn green as shown below)

To continue click and change the information that needs to be changed keeping in mind that any changes made here will be made throughout all of your Grenadine Events.

  1. will delete the venue from every event in Grenadine in which it appears.
Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Rooms

To add, edit, or delete rooms you must first select the venue in which the room is located. Once this has been done the rooms will appear as shown below. Please note in this section you are only able to add or edit the names of rooms. In order to configure a room, you need to follow the steps outlined in the creating a room documents

  1. : Click here to add a room by name only.
  2. : To edit the name of a room select the room you wish to edit then click this button.
  3. : Select the room you wish to delete and click here.

Please note: Changes made here will be made throughout Grenadine.