Set the default currency for all events and more in this section of global settings.


Grenadine Event Management Software gives you many options when it comes to organizing and managing the finances for your event. For an overview of the many ways you can monitor, organize, and configure your incomes and expenses click here. To learn how to manage expenses in Global Settings continue reading below.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Finance

To edit the default currency, income, and/or expense select the highlighted above.

  1. Default Currency: This will be the default currency used for selling tickets, and also the default currency for all budgets and actual income and expenses. Note that you can still use other currencies for tracking your income and expenses.
  2. Financial Accounts Starting Numbers: By default, all income accounts start with a specific number (for example 10000) and all expense accounts start with another number (for example 20000). If you would like to change these defaults, you may do so here.