Manage your chart of accounts in a hassle-free way by following the steps outlined below.


Grenadine Event Manager’s Chart of Accounts is easy to use in order to keep track of every aspect of your budget.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Chart of Accounts

Process Overview

  1. To add a new account select this button, then follow the steps below.

Account Name: The name of the account, for example, Ticket Sales, Booth Rentals, Speaker Fees, etc.

Category: Select either income or expense to clarify what this account is.

ID The ID number of this account.

  1. To edit any of the information outlined above you can select the account that needs to be edited, then click .

  2. if a chart of account is no longer relevant you can delete it by selecting it then clicking .

More information about budgeting with Grenadine can be found here.