Create and customize your badges.


Badges are easy to create in global setting. Here you are able to customize your badges to include the information you need.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Badges

You can include the following elements on your badges:

  • The event name
  • The event logo
  • Cut marks (thin lines that help you determine where the label boundaries are)
  • The attendee or person’s name (this information is the only mandatory information on the badge)
  • The person’s organization or company
  • The person’s title
  • The country where the person is from
  • A professional photo of the person
  • The ticket type(s) for the person
  • The categories for the person (i.e. the categories that you have set on this person’s profile)
  • The person’s registration number
  • A scannable QR code (can be scanned by the event organizer using the check-in app, or by another attendee using the attendee mobile app)

To choose what will be on your badges, as well as the default label size