Let's take a look at the first steps in event creating with Grenadine Event Manager


Find every event you have created with Grenadine Event Management Software whether it’s from the past, present, or future, and work on it here:

  1. Click the Grenadine Event Manager logo at any point during your event planning to be redirected to this homepage.
  2. This bar will direct you to many useful tools within Grenadine Event Manager.
    • Help: access online help, report a bug, and access programming APIs.
    • Settings: in settings, you can access the global setting which encompasses each of your Grenadine events.
    • Your Email: manage account details, your subscription and payment history, switch to French, or log out.
  3. View every event you have created (past, present, and future) with Grenadine Event Manager.
    • Name: the names of past, present, and future events.
    • Dates: public and internal dates for each event.
    • Website: a direct link to the event website that has been automatically generated by Grenadine Event Manager

Find more details about setting up your event here.