View feedback from attendees, including comments, likes, and dislikes.


Getting feedback about sessions is important to help you gain insight into what is working with your event.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Schedule -> Select Session-> Feedback

Process Overview

  1. Likes: Users can like any session by leaving a thumbs up on the event mobile app or event website as a way of giving immediate feedback about the sessions they have attended.
  2. Dislikes: If a session is not an attendees cup of tea they can leave a thumbs down dislike using the event mobile app or website.
  3. ID: The ID number is given to the feedback comment.
  4. Feedback: When a user leaves feedback in the form of comment it will appear here.
  5. Person: The name of the person who left the feedback.
  6. Source: This shows what type of device the feedback came from for example ios or Android.
  7. Date: The date the feedback was given.
  8. Export: Export feedback to an Excel file.
  9. Columns: Add or remove columns to meet your needs.