Event configuration helps you fine-tune important details for your event


Event configurations help you fine-tune important details for your event. Using event configurations, you can edit and manage Invitation Categories and Tag Contexts. Continue reading below for more information about each.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Event -> Event Configuration

Process Overview

Invitation Categories

Invitation categories allow you to create invitations for people to speak or submit to speak at your event. Grenadine allows you to create invitation categories easily.

Detailed information about invitation categories can be found here

Tag Contexts

Tag contexts are the group to which a tag falls under. For example, a person can be tagged with art, music, and dancing these would all fall under the context of Interests. Tag contexts are mostly used by Grenadine’s Sci-FI convention clients and are not applicable to all users.

  1. This column shows the name of the tag context.
  2. This column shows you wether the tag context has been published or not.
  3. Click here to edit an existing tag context.
  4. Click here to delete a tag context.
  5. Click to add a new tag context, then follow the steps outlined below.

When adding a Tag Context you simply need to fill out the following box after selecting .

Once you have filled out the information pictured about click and your tag context will be published.