The Grenadine check-in app is used by organizers to check people into events and sessions. It helps you see if people are properly registered/signed up for the things that they want to attend.

The Grenadine check-in app

You can use the Grenadine event check-in app to check people into your event. You can also use it to view information about an attendee and his tickets, create lists for use later on or check people into specific sessions such as workshops, banquets, etc.

How it works

The check-in app is a native iPhone or Android app that can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. To use the app, you log in using an organizer credential. Typically, this will be the same username and password used for logging in to Grenadine Event Manager.

Once logged in, choose the action that you want to carry out and start scanning ticket QR code, name badge QR code QR codes from Grenadine or manually search people in the database.

Don’t forget to sync when you’re done scanning. If you’re scanning without a Wi-Fi connection, the check ins and check outs are queued up on your phone, you have to manually sync your device with our servers. If you have an active Wi-Fi connection, this should not be an issue, your scans should be immediately synced with our servers.

Here are the actions that can be performed with the check-in app:

Scan a QR code to get information

This is the recommended mode for the help staff. It does not allow users to check in or out attendees. In this mode, you can scan any of the attendee’s tickets or his badge and the app will gather and display all the relevant data it can find. If the attendee does not have tickets or a badge, it’s possible to search the people database and access the same data.

Check people in or out

This lets you check people in or out of either your event (your conference, symposium, etc.) or a specific session. Your staff will be able to scan the QR codes on tickets. Note that even if the attendee cannot find his ticket, the attendee can still be checked in by scanning a different ticket, his badge or a manual search.

View check-in stats

Shows you some quick stats such as how many people have checked in, how many have yet to do so, etc. This can be useful for organizers. For example, if your event provides lunch, you will be able to tell how many expected people have not yet checked in and possibly avoid food shortages.

Collect a list of people for later use

This lets you scan people and collect their names in a list for future use. You can use this in cases where you would want to “note” a list of people, for example people who should be entered into a draw, people who want more information on a certain subject, etc. You can easily create custom lists from the app.

Advanced mode

This mode, recommended only for experienced users, lets you do multiple actions from the above list at the same time.

Letting other staff use the check-in app

If you want to let other staff members use the check-in app, without sharing your personal login information, you can create login credentials for whoever requires them. Simply go to System settings -> Users and add as many users as needed to the checkin role only.

Tips and tricks

Below are a few tips and tricks to help you if you have issues scanning tickets quickly. Even though we use state-of-the-art algorithms to read QR codes efficiently, light conditions and aged hardware can slow things down.

Increase intensity of the phones’ backlight

If you’re scanning a QR code on an attendee’s phone, ask them to increase the intensity of their phone’s backlight.

Use a lamp

In low light conditions, use an external light source to light the QR code. The scanner works better, and is quicker, when there is a sufficient amount of light.

Lay the ticket down on a table

Doing so will reduce the amount of shaking and the scanner will be able to pick up a decent image of the QR code quicker.