Manage every email address associated with all of your events in one easy place.


Grenadine allows you to set various email addresses for your events in easy place. The email addresses you set are global and will be used for every event you create and manage with Grenadine. In this section you can also control how often you receive notifications from Grenadine Event Manager

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings-> Global Settings->Emails and Notifications

  1. From address:This is the email address from which emails are sent to your users. If your organization is subscribed to custom emails
  2. General Information address: People seeking general information about your event can email you here.
  3. ** Reply-to address:** The reply-to address is set in all emails that you send through Grenadine. Please note that not all email client software used by your recipients understand or use reply-to addresses.
  4. Organizer notification address: This is the address at which you will receive notifications from Grenadine Event Manager.
  5. *Email Notifications: In this section you are able to choose when you would like to receive notifications, and when you would like notifications to be sent to ticket holders. Choose when you receive notifications about the following:
    • When you receive new ticket orders
    • When a ticket is cancelled
    • When users upload documents to their public profile
    • When users post public comments on your event website
    • When you receive user feedback about a session
    • Submission Receipts

Choose when ticket holders (speakers, moderators, etc.) should receive notification emails:

  • When they place an order (Note that if you remove this notification, participants will not receive their tickets by email when they place an order.)
  • When one of their tickets is cancelled

Choose if you would like to receive notifications about the following:

  • A daily report on registrations
  • A weekly report on registrations
  • A monthly report on registrations