Grenadine offers a simple survey tool that you can use to collect data from your attendees and your speakers. Our survey system is integrated with your attendee information.


Grenadine can assist your team in collecting information from participants or attendees through the use of surveys. Surveys can be sent through the Event Manager to any person on your list.

Email Surveys

You can email surveys on mass to your lists of people to collect information on a variety of topics including:

For participants

  • Whether or not they will attend
  • What they would like to present on/talk about
  • What areas are of interest to them
  • Their biography/background
  • Picture
  • Their schedule availability
  • Any other information your planning team may require

For attendees

  • Whether they want to attend
  • If they have meal preferences
  • Whether they need information on parking or lodging
  • Whether they will opt-in to special functions that you’ll be holding
  • Information on details such as if they are left-handed or right-handed, in case a sporting activity such as golf is on the schedule.
  • Any other information that you need to collect

By allowing you to collect this information from participants and attendees, Grenadine makes it easy for you to set things up without missing any vital information. The surveys also provide peace of mind to both participants and attendees because they know their needs will be met once at your event.

Email set-up

Before you begin creating and sending out surveys, first navigate to Event Manager -> Settings -> Emails and notifications . You will see a section called “Email addresses”. Make sure that all of your return email addresses are set-up correctly in that section. The various email addresses in here will be used to send your surveys.