Easily upload documents to share internally with your team or publicly on your event website


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People Documents


You can upload and store public or private documents for each of your events using the Grenadine Event Management Software. Documents such as contracts, invoices, bills, seating plans, menus and other kinds of reference documents can be attached to the following items:

  • Rooms (within venues)
  • People (both speakers/participants or attendees)
  • Sessions within your program
  • Cost items or budget items
  • In the general storage area for your event plan.

Document Types

You can set your documents to two types of visibility:

Private Documents: Available only to the people you choose to give access to.

Public Documents: Accessible to anyone browsing or participating at your event.

Public Documents

Public documents have a wide audience since they can be found on your event program, your website and on your mobile app. When you mark a document as public, you will find it in the following places:

  • The Grenadine Mobile app (under sessions or speaker details)
  • The Grenadine Event Website (under sessions or speaker details)
  • The Document page in the Grenadine Event Manager

Room Documents

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Session Documents

Adding relevant documents to sessions helps you and your team keep track of every piece of relevant information for each session.

Poster session documents

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Submission Documents

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Organization Documents

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