Create custom pages on your event website by following the simple steps below.


With Grenadine Event Manager you can customize your event website pages to provide those attending your event with the information they need to enjoy your expertly planned event to the fullest.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Website -> Custom Pages

To begin, click the highlighted in the image above.

Once you have selected this the window shown above will appear.

  1. Page Title is how this page will appear on your event website. For example, the page title might be “Venue Map”, “Sponsors”, or “Ticketing Information”.
  2. Page Position The position of the page in the mobile app navigation menu. The higher the number, the lower the position in the menu.
  3. Show on Web If you would like this page to appear on your automatically generated Grenadine website and not just on your Grenadine Mobile App.
  4. Use URL Check this box to use an existing external web page rather than contribute contents in the text area below. (See below for more information)
  5. Text If you are not using an existing URL (above) type in the necessary text here.

More Information

If you select the box next to Use URL the window will appear as shown above. Enter the Page URL here. The URL must be complete and have the form Important Make sure that your external URL is secured through SSL and uses https rather than http. This is because the page may be displayed in a secure web site or browser, and some browsers or devices may refuse to display an unsecured page in certain circumstances. To avoid these issues, use https.