Custom Fields allow you to create fields that will be shared throughout all of your events.


The Custom Field section allows you to add extra fields to your tables. The fields created here will be shared throughout all of your events.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings-> Global Settings->Custom Fields

  1. click here to add a custom field.
  2. select the custom field that needs to be edited then click here to make any necessary changes.
  3. if a custom field is no longer needed select it then click the delete button.
  4. to export the custom fields table to PDF click here.
  5. to add or remove columns from the table click here.

  1. ID: Each custom field is given an ID number to help you easily identify them.
  2. Name: The name of tee custom field.
  3. Type: The type of field. You can choose from the following:
    • String
    • Text
    • Integer
    • Decimal
    • Date
    • Date and Time
    • Boolean

4.For: Select either person or submission to indicate what this field is for.

Process Overview

Adding Custom Fields

To add a custom field select .

  1. Internal Name: The internal name is how the custom field will be referred to internally, it must start with a letter followed by alphanumeric characters or underscores.
  2. Display Name: The public name for the custom field.
  3. Applies To: The type of object this custom field applies to, for example session, or person.
  4. Field Type: The type of field this will appear as. For example short text, date < true/false, etc.