Find out how to add participants to your event.


When you have created the event and session you can begin to add participants (those who are speaking, presenting, performing, etc. at your event) to your overall event, as well as individual sessions. Adding someone as a participant lets you assign them to specific sessions, view their invitation status, and more.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your Event->People

  1. Name: The full name of the participant.
  2. Put a different name (or a “stage” name) on public profile: If the person goes by a stage name, or a name other than their given name select this box.
  3. Published Name: If a person goes by a name other than their given name ( such as a stage or pen name) type it here
  4. Primary Email: The main email address for this participant.
  5. Label: Make note of the type of e-mail address this is for example., is it the participants’ main e-mail, their assistant’s e-mail, a personal e-mail, etc.
  6. Organization Information: The organization for which this participant works and their job title.
  7. Categories: Is this participant a speaker, a performer, a vendor, etc.
  8. Invitation Category: If you are inviting this person to your event you have the option of labeling them in an invitation category (for example, VIP, keynote, etc.)
  9. Participant Status: You can invite someone to speak at your event, or you can invite someone to participate in your event in some other way, for example as a volunteer. If you invite someone through a Grenadine Event Manager survey, you will see the invitation status automatically populated in this section. If you’ve invited a person through other means (by phone, through a 3rd-party system, etc.), you can set the invitation status manually.
    Please note: the invitation is different than registration, which has to do with an attendee purchasing a ticket to attend your event.
  10. Acceptance Status: In some cases participants will be invited to an event, here you can monitor whether or not they have accepted.
  11. Registered: This checkbox will be checked automatically by the system if the person registers him or herself. You can check the box to register or unregister the person manually.
  12. Birthdate: The birthdate of this person.
  13. Dietary Preferences: If applicable you can input a dietary status here.
  14. Allergies: Indicate any food or medical allergies this person has.
  15. Comments: For internal use only. Comments will not appear publicly.