You can use Grenadine Event Management Software to create and send surveys to people before, during or after your event. Survey results are stored within each person's profile.


Creating survey’s with Grenadine Event Management Software is incredibly easy. To begin, go to “Surveys” in the drop-down menu.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Surveys -> Add Survey

Process Overivew

Fill out the “Create Survey” window shown below. Mandatory fields are marked witha red asterisk.

  • Title: The name of your survey.
  • Alias: A short name for your suvey to be used to generate a public URL.
  • Public: If you would like the survey to appear publicly click this box.
  • Requires an authentication code: If you select “Requires an authentication code”, people will need to identify themselves with an authentication code before responding to this survey.
  • Use Captcha: Select this if you would like to use a captcha to ensure survey respondents are not bots.
  • Anonymous: If you would like those filling out your surbey to remain anonymous select this box.
  • Welcome Message: A brief message to welcome those who are using your survey, and offer simple instructions if needed.
  • Thank You Message: If you wish to thank people for filling out your survey you can type a message here.
  • Submit Button Text: If you wish to personalize the submit button you can do that by typing in the text here.
  • URL for Header Image: If you would like to insert a header image for this survey paste the URL for the image here.

Now that you have laid the groundwork for your survey you can create it bu clicking on the arrow highlighted below.

The “Question Groups” will now appear. To begin your question group click and fill our the information required in the window shown below:

Create a Group

Create a question group in the by filling out the information shown in the window below.

  • Title: The name given to your “Question Group”
  • Description: A brief explanation of the information required in this question group, for example “Please fill in your contact information”
  • Sort Order The order you would like this information to appear. If you want this to be the first group select “0”, for the second question, select “1”, etc.
  • Helpe Text: Any additional information that will be helpeful to submitters.

Click in the arrow highlighted below to add questions

## Multiple Choice If you require submitters to answer multiple choice questions you can type in the questions here. Once saved your mulitple choice questions will appear here. When you have finished adding the multiple choice questions remember to save. ## Survey Configuration Configure your non-anonymous surveys to make different optional fields mandatory. ## Navigation Path Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Settings-> Global Settings->Surveys ## Fields 1. **Organization Filed is Required** In non-anonymous surveys make the organization question mandatory. 2. **Require Job Title** In non-anonymous surveys make the job title question mandator.
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