You can use Grenadine Event Manager to create your event mobile app. The mobile app contains the event programs, lists of speakers and various other features suitable for use by your attendees and speakers.

The Grenadine event mobile app

The Grenadine Event Guide is a mobile app for event attendees and participants. It allows you, the organizer, to provide timely event information, documents, and other useful tips and references to the people who need them. Grenadine Event Guide helps attendees get the most from their event experiences and facilitates engagement among your attendees. Grenadine event apps are available for iPhone and Android phones.

Here are the features offered by the Grenadine event guide:

  • Display general information about your event
  • View and search your event program
  • View and search lists of speakers
  • View sponsors, exhibitors, partners, and other organizations
  • View venues and locate them on a Google map
  • View your event’s activity feed
  • View your event’s social media properties such as Facebook or Twitter
  • View your tickets and show the QR code to event organizers during check-in
  • Receive push messages and email notifications from the event organizer
  • Build your schedule
  • Sign up for sessions with limited space
  • Buy event tickets
  • Scan another attendee’s badge and build a personal list of contacts
  • Initiate a chat with other attendees
  • Get a reminder 10 minutes before you’re due to attend a session
  • Get the latest updates on schedules and other event information

Requesting a mobile app for your event

When you want to offer a mobile app to your attendees, you must first request a mobile app code from Grenadine.

To get a mobile app code, first view the instructions at Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Mobile App -> Mobile Application then contact our support team to request a mobile app code. We’ll create a unique event app code for you and then add your app within the searchable mobile events directory. When installing the app, your users can enter your event app code to load your program, or they can search for your event by name. If your event is “secret” or intended for a restricted group of users, you can request that your event be omitted from public event directories. In this case, your event will not be visible in a search (all users will need to enter the event app code directly).