Creating a submission survey is an essential part of your call for submissions. It exposes all the questions for which you are seeking responses in a submission.


Surveys are a necessary part of the submission process to gather detailed information about each submission. While creating your call for submission survey you have the option of choosing between several question types as shown in the table below.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event ->Surveys->Add Survey

  1. Name The name of your survey or questionnaire, this will be public.
  2. Alias The short name given to your survey to generate a publicly accessible URL for example:
  3. Public marking your survey public will make it accessible on the internet while also making it ready to accept responses. If you have not completed working on your survey do not select this box.
  4. Requires an Authentication Code people will need to identify themselves with an authentication code before responding to this survey. They will also be asked whether they accept or refuse your invitation to fill in this survey. If you’re just looking for generic feedback and don’t need to know who’s responding, then leave this option unchecked. Important: If you require an authentication code, only people who have the last name and an authentication code generated by Grenadine can respond to this survey. You can generate a survey authentication code for a person by going to that person’s Summary tab, or you can generate authentication codes in bulk by using a Grenadine email template and sending an email out to those you want to invite to fill in the survey.
  5. Use Captcha Selecting this will ask respondents to answer a simple question to verify that they are not bots.
  6. AnonymousIf your survey requires anonymity to select this box. Please note: authenticated surveys cannot be anonymous.
  7. Welcome MessageThis message will appear as a block of text on the very top of the survey 8.Thank You Message A thank you message that is displayed to the after they have filled in your survey.
  8. Submit Button Text The text that appears on the submit button, in this box enter a short text such as
  9. URL for Header Image If you have an image that you’d like to use as a “header” image for this survey, please enter the complete URL link to that image here. This image will be displayed on the very top of the survey. For example, you could use an image of your event’s logo.

    Please make sure that your URL is complete, for example: “”.

In addition to these questions, you can also ask about the person (name, profession, etc), their organization, and a URL that will provide further relevant information.

For further information about creating a survey, see the creating a survey section.

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