You create a call for submissions by specifying boilerplate information and linking to the submission survey form of your choice.


A call for submissions is, simply put, an announcement to potential presenters stating what you are looking for, and how they can go about submitting the requisite forms, documents, files, etc. for your consideration. For some events, a call for submissions may be one of the first steps in the life cycle of your event. With Grenadine Event Management Software you can gather all pertinent information and an efficient, streamlined way that allows you to both customize and automate features to best suit your needs.

Once you have set up the questionnaire for your call for submissions, you can create a call for submissions outlining all of the requirements for those wishing to make a submission. While creating the call of submissions, you can add or exclude any of the information labeled as optional. You can also link the call for submission to the questionnaire you previously created. Answering this questionnaire is required for participants to submit their work.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions > Calls for Submissions

Process Overview

Step 1: Click to create a new call for submissions.

Step 2: The screen below will pop up once you click . Fill in the fields with information about your call for submission.

  • Title (Mandatory): The title of the call for submission. Example: Call for submissions: Emerging artists

  • Description (Mandatory): A brief description of the type of submissions you are expecting. Give details about your event, your organizers, about the potential presenters’ vision of how it would be presented, etc. Example: Curators, critics, and visual-media artists are invited to submit their projects under the theme “a city in ruins”.

  • Submission survey: Before creating a call for submissions, you will be required to create a survey. You can find the survey needed for this particular call for submissions in the drop-down menu.

  • Open From (Mandatory): The date you will begin accepting submissions. Once the call for submissions has been set with Grenadine Event Planner, the link to submit will automatically appear on your website on the appropriate date.

  • Open Until (Optional): The closing date for submissions. If you chose to set an “open until” date on your call for submissions page Grenadine Event Planner will automatically close submissions for you on this date.

  • Required Ticket Types: If a purchase is required before a submitter can participate in the call for submissions, you can note that here. If you are charging a submission fee, you will also note that here as a ticket.

  • Instructions (Optional): Here, you can provide instructions to those submitting their work. Use this field to inform participants about any requirements like: how to file their submission, what formats to send their documents in, etc.

  • Post Submission Message (Optional): Here you can write a short, automated message to thank people for their submissions and, if you’d like, let them know what to anticipate from your organization while the submission is being processed.

  • Required Purchase Instructions: If a purchase or payment is required to make a submission, you can include an explanation here.
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