There are several configuration options that allow you to activate or deactivate functionality in your Grenadine event guide mobile app.


Configure your mobile app to work exactly how you want it to. Provide your attendees with easy ways to communicate, keep track of schedules and tickets, and more!

Grenadine Event Manager > Your event > Mobile Apps > Mobile Apps Configuration

Menu Items

Login Requirements

  1. Selecting this will make log-in mandatory, meaning no anonymous users will be allowed on the mobile app.

  2. Requiring users to select their interests when logging into the mobile app will enable better recommendations for users while at the event.

Mobile App Homepage

  1. Event Description Text: Selecting this box will enable the event description to display on the event app homepage. Tip: Event descriptions should be brief, explanatory, and catchy to help create excitement and draw attention to your event.

  2. Map: This will show a map with the venue(s) pinned to allow attendees to find the event easily.


  1. Users can “favorite” sessions to create their own personalized schedules. Favoriting sessions also keeps users up to date with any changes or updates that may be made to the session.

  2. Allow users to sign up for sessions: This function allows people to sign up with limited capacity.

  3. For sessions that require sign up or purchasing a ticket to attend you can choose to display the remaining capacity. This will discourage users from delaying their registering or purchase to the event.


Choose the features that you want to activate in your mobile app.

1. Activity + messages feed: Displays an activity feed area (upcoming sessions + recently updated sessions) as well as the list of messages that the person received. The list of messages includes emails that you’ve sent to this person, as well as any push messages that you’ve sent to the mobile app user audience as a whole.

2.Badge scanner: Allows attendees to scan badges of other attendees (and save a list of those attendees on their device, if desired), thus creating a network of contacts between attendees for networking purposes.

Buy tickets: Allows starting the ticket purchasing process from the mobile app.

My tickets.

Allow users to view and post comments on your event.

Allow users to select interests: The system will find and display sessions that the user might want to attend and people that the user might want to talk to. Similar to “you may be interested in…” in e-commerce systems.

Allow logged in attendees to chat between themselves: When an attendee is logged into the app they will be able to send and receive messages to and from other attendees.

Activate Attendee to Attendee messaging by default in the mobile app user preferences: If checked then the attendee will be able to send and receive messages. Use this to determine the default behaviour for your event.