Configure the checkout process to meet your needs in the checkout section of Grenadine Event Software.


In the Checkout section of Global Settings you are able to fine-tune the checkout process to fully meet your needs.

Nagivation Menu

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings ->Global Settings->Checkout

  1. Shopping Cart: In this section you are able to enable (recommended) or disable the shopping cart. When the shopping cart is turned off those registering will only be able to complete one registration at a time. More information about shopping cart configurations can be found here
  2. Guest Check Out: Enable guest check-out to allow people to complete the registration without logging in. Please note that if you have disabled every user identification log in options we will automatically enable guest checkout regardless of what you select here.
  3. Purchaser Information: Select which information you would like from the purchaser during the checkout process. If you want to make one of the options mandatory select “make it mandatory”. Please note, the first 4 questions are always mandatory. Keep in mind that the purchaser and the ticket holder are not always the same person.
  4. Shipping Options: By default Grenadine will deliver tickets electronically via email. If you choose to offer other options you are able to do so here, keeping in mind that it is your responsibility to deliver the tickets at your event.
  5. Payment Options: Grenadine offers several payment options that can be enabled here.
  6. Pay Later:Use this section to enable guests to pay later. Turning on the “pay later” option will send invoices to users who have registered for your event. More information about payment options can be found here. Learn how to set up pay later here.
  7. Other Options: Allow ticket purchasers to purchase/register for past sessions here.