Grenadine allows you to check in user with either the mobile app or using Grenadine Event Manager.


Event check-in can be done on the mobile app or using Event Check-Inon Grenadine Event Manager. Please note that while the mobile app can be used to check individuals into sessions the check-in feature in Grenadine Event Manager can only be used to check attendees into events as a whole.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Registration-> Event Check-In

Process Overview

Checking people into your event is incredibly easy with Grenadine Event Manager. Using the Event Check-In tab you can either scan ticket bar codes or search and manually check-in attendees.

  1. Scan Ticket Barcode With Grenadine, you are able to set up a barcode scanner to scan tickets and check attendees in using Grenadine Event Manager.
  2. Using the search bars you can search for an attendee by name, registration #, sessions, ticket type, or order #.
  3. Once you have found the attendee you wish to check-in you can do so manually by clicking to check out an attendee
  4. When an attendee has been successfully checked in the green will appear.

Ticket Barcode Scanner