Grenadine suggests a default chart of accounts to keep track of your event planning budgets and actual costs.


Keeping track of your finances is a crucial part of successfully managing any event. Even the smallest changes to your event can impact your budget. Grenadine will help you view and manage your budget with our budgeting and expense actuals features. In our event budgeting area, we use a typical chart of accounts which we think is a good starting point to keeping track of your event budget and expenses. If you need to modify this chart to match the one used by your accounting system, or by others in your company, you can change the accounts and the account numbers as explained below.

There are 3 reserved accounts which are used by Grenadine Event Manager and are filled in automatically by our system as you sell registrations for your event:

  • Ticket sales (a revenue account)
  • Booking fees (a cost account)
  • Credit card processing fees (also a cost account)

All other accounts are entirely managed by you and your team, and you are free to tally up budgets and expenses as they occur in your event.

Below you can view a sample of our typical chart of accounts. More information about budgeting with Grenadine is available in budgeting for your event.

Suggested General Classification

Accounts are classified into five broad groups, also known as the elements of the accounts:

Assets 1000's
Liabilities 2000's
Revenues 3000's
Expenses 4000's

You can find more information about account classifications on the following Wikipedia page

Sample Chart of Accounts

Here is an example of a chart of accounts that was prepared by Sue-Ann, our dear accountant.

Do not hesitate to take inspiration for your events or for the configuration of your chart of accounts in Grenadine Event Management Software.

Account Name Account ID
Assets accounts - 1000's
Asset - Bank Account - Main Currency 1001
Asset - Bank account - Currency X 1002
Asset - Account receivable 1101
Asset - Prepaid Grenadine Fees 1201
Asset - Prepaid Other 1299
Taxes receivables - 1300
Taxes - GST Receivable from GOV 1301
Taxes - QST Receivable from GOV 1302
Taxes - Other sales taxes Reveivable from GOV 1303
Liability accounts - 2000's
Liability - Payables to suppliers 2101
Liability - Payables to others 2199
Taxes payables - 2300
Taxes - GST Payable to Gov 2301
Taxes - QST Payable to Gov 2302
Taxes - Other sales taxes Receivable from GOV 2303
Revenue - 3000's
Revenue - Ticket sales 3001
Revenue - Product (swag, etc.) sales 3002
Revenue - Other 3099
Expenses related to booths - 4100's
Booth - Rental Fees 4101
Booth - Convention room rental fees 4102
Booth - Furnishings 4103
Booth - Lighting / Electricity 4104
Booth - Freight and transport 4105
Booth - Computer / Screen Rental 4106
Booth - Cleaning and janitorial fees 4107
Booth - Other 4199
Expenses related to the show - 4200's
Show - Onsite personnel 4201
Show - Setup/ Teardown Labor 4202
Show - Meals for staff 4203
Show - Food and beverage for guess 4204
Show - Other 4299
Expenses related to staff - 4300's
Staff - Salaries / Fees 4301
Staff - Lodging 4302
Staff - Meals 4303
Staff - Travel / Gas / Mileage / Tolls 4304
Staff - PR activities 4305
Staff - Entertainement expenses 4306
Staff - Others 4399
Expenses related to speakers - 4400's
Speakers - Profesional Fees 4401
Speakers - Lodging 4402
Speakers - Meals 4403
Speakers - Travel / Gas / Mileage / Tolls 4404
Speakers - PR activities 4405
Speakers - Entertainement? 4406
Speakers - Others 4499
Expenses related to IT/Tickets sales - 4500's
IT - Ticket sales / Registration fees 4501
IT - Ticket sales / Credit card fees 4502
IT - Event planning software 4503
IT - Email fees 4504
IT - Other 4599
Expenses related to promo - 4600's
Promo - Literature design / Printing (Brochure) 4601
Promo - Printed promo material (posters, banners) 4602
Promo - On site promo 4603
Promo - Photography 4604
Promo - Preshow promotions 4605
Promo - Telemarketing 4606
Promo - Other 4699
Other expenses - 4900's
Membership fees (example Membership fees for CGTA, etc.) 4901

More Info

More information about how to budget effectively can be found here.