Here is how you can customize the background image on the home page of the Grenadine Event Website and Mobile App.


Grenadine allows you to customize your website homepage so you can match the aesthetic of your event before it is automatically generated by Grenadine Event Manager. Grenadine allows you to give your event website a look that will be on-brand with your event by easily uploading images with website customizations. Making the change is easy, but the impact on your event website will be incredible. Continue reading below to learn how to upload custom images to your event website.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Website -> Pages -> Home -> Configuration
  1. Background Image The background image will be displayed on the homepage of your public website, behind the introductory text and conference information. It will replace the default Grenadine image. You can upload a JPG (jpeg) image. The uploaded image should be at least 1920px by 600px.
  2. Foreground Image (optional) The foreground image will be displayed on the homepage of your public website, on top of the background image. Foreground images may be logos or other informational images. We suggest using a PNG file with transparency so as not to hide the background image. The uploaded image should be at least 1000px by 500px.

Note: To update the event logo, you must navigate to Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Event -> Event Information

Process Overview

Upload Image

To upload a background image click , the window pictured above will appear; follow the steps outlined below.

Background Image

  1. Click and select the image you wish to upload from your files.
  2. Crop and edit the picture to your liking then click the button.
  3. Select how you would like the image to appear. You can choose for your images to appear on the center, top, or bottom of your Grenadine website.
  4. .

Your image will be saved to Grenadine Event Manager and you can now preview it. If you like how it appears in the preview click the

Follow the same steps if you have chosen to have a foreground image

After following these steps the changes will be reflected on your website. Please allow up to 3 minutes for the changes to appear.