View and manage the reviews for calls for submissions here


In this section of the Call For Submissions table, you can view and manage the reviews left on the calls for submissions as well as gaining insight into when the calls for submissions were left and by whom.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions -> Submissions -> Select the submission you wish to view -> Reviews

  1. Accepted/Rejected: This will show whether the submission has been accepted or rejected.
  2. Conformity Check: This box will show the stage the submission is in its lifecycle. The example pictured above is in conformity check.
  3. Average Rating: The average rating for this submission. Reviews can be left by those in user roles with the authority to view and review submissions. More information about user roles can be found here.
  4. Delete: If a review needs to be deleted select the review then click .
  5. ID: The ID of the submission review.
  6. Person: The name of the person who left the submission review.
  7. Rating: This will show the rating given by the individual shown in the corresponding column.
  8. Created At: The date and time the review was created by the individual in the corresponding column.
  9. Feedback: The feedback left with the rating in the corresponding row.
  10. Export: To export the reviews and feedback to PDF click .
  11. +/- Columns: Add or remove columns by selecting .
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