Use this section to enter your event's budget. Budget numbers can include both budgeted income and budgeted expenses.


Keep track of income and expenses on the budget table in Grenadine Event management software. This simple yet comprehensive process will help you monitor all incoming and outgoing funds.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Finance -> Budget

Process Overview

  1. +Add: Easily add an item to your budget by selecting and following the steps in Create New Budget Item.
  2. Edit: To edit a budget item select .
  3. Delete: To permanently delete a budget item select . This step is irreversible.
  4. Total Income/Expenses: This box displays the total budgeted income and expenses
  5. Account/Category: The account or category to which the expense belongs.
  6. Description: A brief description of the income or expense.
  7. Income: The amount of income brought in from an applicable item.
  8. Expense: The overall amount of the expense for applicable budget items.
  9. Supplier: The name of the company/person who supplied this item.
  10. Notes: Select to add any relevant notes to this budget item.
  11. Docs: Select to add any relevant documents to this budget item.

Create New Budget Item

  1. Amount: The amount for the budget item.
  2. Currency: The currency used to pay for this budget item.
  3. Exchange Rate: The exchange rate if the income/expense of the budget item is of a different currency than the currency being used for your event.
  4. Account/Category: The account or category this budget item falls under.
  5. Description: Enter either the vendor name or a brief description of this income or expense.
  6. Supplier: Enter the name of your supplier or vendor. For example Susan’s Catering.

Adding Notes

After clicking the following window will appear. Here you can, , , or notes.

When you need to add notes click the window shown below will appear.

  1. Note Name: In this required field write the name of the note, be descriptive and concise to save from confusion. For example, if this was an expense associated with a rental you could name it “Microphone Rental”.
  2. Note Contents: The note itself, to continue the example above the note could read “$100 spent on microphone rental deposit. Due March 12, 2019.”
  3. Categories: Select one or more categories to label this expense.

Once the note has been created it will appear as such:

Adding Docs

To add any relevant documents for individual income or expenses, select highlighted above. The screen pictured below will appear. Select .

From here the following screen will below, allowing you to upload documents with ease.

  1. File: Select the file from your computer or device, which you would like to upload here.
  2. Name: Give the file a name that succinctly describes its contents.
  3. Categories:If needed you can put this document into a category, such as “Av equipment” or “food”.
  4. This Document is Private: To keep the document private to you and your team select this box.
  5. Save Changes: Remember to always save your changes.