Avoid having your emails end up in the spam folder by following the steps below.

Improve Email Delivery Rates

Sending emails to attendees and potential attendees is an important part of event planning. These emails can contain vital information including, schedule updates, alerts about add-on ticket sales, details about lodging, and more. Email is a primary means of communication for most people, unfortunately, that means the volume of emails an individual is sent can be quite high causing many e-mails to be left unread, or end up in spam folders. Today, we are going to give you some tips to improve your email success rate with Grenadine Event Management Software.

Mail Merge

Grenadine Event Manager has an incredibly useful, easy to navigate “Mail Merge” feature. Mail Merge allows you to personalize emails en masse, giving you the power to send emails with the recipient’s name, links to their tickets, their speaking schedule, and more. This personalized information will help steer emails away from spam folders and increase the chances of them being read. Without Mail Merge, a task like this would be a gigantic, and time-consuming undertaking; luckily Grenadine has made this step incredibly simple to allow you to focus more on event planning.

Meaningful contents

No one enjoys their mailbox being flooded with unnecessary emails. If you send emails about your event on a daily basis, chances are recipients will begin to ignore them pretty quickly, which could lead to valuable information being missed. We recommend quality over quantity when it comes to sending emails about your event.

Avoid “Flag” Words

Phrases such as “Dear Friend!” “Hurry Up!” “You Won’t Believe This!” can be associated with spam, and may contribute to your emails being sent directly to spam regardless of whether or not you have been flagged as spam by the email recipient. When sending emails use genuine language, and the aforementioned Mail Merge feature, to avoid sounding hacky and being sent to spam.


All caps sentences are the email/texting equivalent of shouting, no one enjoys being shouted at. On top of that, writing in all caps is an attention-grabbing tactic used by many spammers and will most likely land your email in many spam folders. To increase the chances of your email being read make sure to write it in a way that is pleasant to read, meaning NOT USING ALL CAPS BECAUSE THEY ARE OBNOXIOUS…see what we mean?

Avoid Media Rich Emails

An email filled with embedded flash, or video might look really neat, but chances are it will end up in a spam folder. This is because many email carriers don’t allow for this type of content. Another reason to avoid media-heavy emails is that if the attached media doesn’t work it will look sloppy and unprofessional. If there is a video that is crucial to email recipients attach a link to it in the email to decrease your chances of being flagged as spam.

Remind Recipients of Who You Are

It is important to remind recipients why they are receiving an email from you and who you are. Using familiar language, as outlined above will help ensure those reading your email that it is coming from a trusted source and contains relevant information. If possible, add information about when you were last in contact with the recipient, personalized greetings, or information about why you are contacting them regarding your upcoming event.

Technical Email Factors

Grenadine uses good practices for email sending, in an effort to contribute to your email success. Among other technical elements, we sign our emails with DKIM and we use SPF from our mail servers. For those customers using custom email addresses, we get your addresses authorized by Amazon SES, our email provider.

The tips outlined above should increase your success rate when sending emails, that said, we cannot guarantee that some of your emails will not end up in spam folders. We would like to take this time to remind you that Grenadine Event Management Software forbids sending spam as outlined in our terms of service.