Assign Participants to specific roles.


Assign roles to participants so that you can classify them by level of participation in a session. This will help you sort quickly through the different types of guests at your event.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Schedule > *Click Session Name* -> People

Assign People: Screen Overview

1. Select a session: Select a session by clicking on the name of the session. You can also click on the checkbox next to the session name and then click the button.

2. People: Click on the People tab to view the list of people that are signed to your session. Next to their names, you can see their roles for that session.

3. Assign People: Click here to assign roles to people.

4. Unassign: Click here to unassign roles from a person.

5. Sorting: Click or or to sort your people list by one of these three categories.

How to Assign People

To assign people follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Person: Select a person or many people by clicking the checkbox next to their names.

Step 2. Select Role: Click the drop-down field in Role. Select from roles classified under Participants or Attendees.

Step 3. Select Assign: Click this button to save the roles you have assigned to people.

Once you’re finished assigning roles, you will see your changes directly on the people tab. To unassign anyone, select click the checkbox next to their name and click .

Definition of Roles

Moderators: The people or person who has been assigned to moderate (host) the event.

participants: Speakers, performers, panelists, etc.

Other Active Participants: Participants who have a role that cannot be clearly defined by the other assignments listed can be assigned the role of Other Active Participants.

Invisible: A participant who will not be published in the paper and mobile versions of your conference schedule. An “invisible” participant is useful when you need to book technical or help staff to sessions on the calendar, so they will see those sessions in their calendars, without it being published out to the attendees. This can be used to assign the tech person, the caterer, etc.

Potentials: Participants may be assigned to this session in the future, but have yet to be. They aren’t formally assigned, they aren't published, they don’t know you assigned them, and their assignments aren’t checked for scheduling conflicts.Use this as a temporary holding area until you decide if you will turn these potential assignments into real assignments.

How to Change Participant Order

The double-headed arrow circled in yellow will appear when you move your cursor to this area of the screen. By clicking and dragging on this area, you will be able to change the position of a person on the list. Simply click next to the desired person’s name and drag and drop. This function is particularly useful if you need to emphasize a participant’s contribution as being greater than another’s. The order of your participants in this list will also be reflected in your website and mobile app.