You assign one or more participants to a session by giving them a role, such as speaker, moderator, etc.

This is the step in which you decide which session(s) a participant will be involved in.

Assigning participants

To assign participants to sessions, go to Schedule -> (select a session) -> People and start assigning people by clicking the button.

From the participant selection panel on the left, choose one or more people from the list. Click the button and look for the assignment on the right portion of the screen.

By default, all assigned participants are given the role of Speaker; this can easily be changed by dragging-and-dropping names in the appropriate section to change the role of each participant for that particular session. Each participant can be:

  • A speaker

  • A moderator

  • An other active participant (that is, someone on the stage in front of the room, but that does not fit with the title “speaker” or “moderator”)

  • An invisible participant (that is, an actual participant who will not be published in the paper and mobile versions of your conference schedule). An “invisible” participant is useful when you need to book technical or help staff to sessions on the calendar, so they will see those sessions in their calendars, without it being published out to the attendees. This can be used to assign the tech person, the caterer, etc.

  • A potential participant. This is someone who you are not sure you’ll be formally assigning, you can use this as a “waiting area”.

    When you’re done assigning participants, click on the button and then close the window when saved.

How to reorder participants

When the order of participants is important (for example when one speaker is more important than the other), you can “drag” speakers to reorder them from within the assignment window. Grenadine will take the order into account and correctly display it on your event website and your mobile apps.

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