You can add your own Google Analytics tracking code to your event website and your event mobile app.


Knowing how many people are visiting your event website can be valuable information. You may also want to know from where visitors are being directed (for example, your event Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc.) and which pages they are looking at on your event site and for how long. Google Analytics is a great solution to track visit statistics like these, and it’s free to use!

This article will discuss how Grenadine Event Software allows you to use your own Google Analytics tracking code to collect the stats you need. You can get this done easily by following the 3 easy steps below:

Obtain a Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you don’t have your own Google Analytics tracking code to use with your custom domain, we recommend you get one. Below is a great tutorial from Google on how to do just that:

Set up Analytics tracking

Once you’ve completed your Analytics setup, you should have a tracking code that looks similar to this:

Enter Your Tracking Code in Grenadine Event Manager

From within the event you wish to add the tracking code to, navigate to the Event Info form and locate the Advanced Options section at the bottom of the form. The Google Analytics input is the final field on the form.

Input your code in the field. Ensure to click on the button. The moment people start visiting your website, you’ll get statistics on the number of users, the actions they are carrying out (for example, adding a session to their favorites, logging in, etc.), and the pages they are visiting.

Bonus Step: Collect Stats from Your Event Mobile App

If you’re using the Grenadine mobile app for your attendees (found in the App Store or Google Play as Grenadine Event Guide) for iOS or Android, we’ll automatically link it with your Google Analytics.